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Power your brand forward by collaborating with Color & Culture.

The full-service resources and firepower of our multicultural and multichannel advertising agency can advance your mission while positioning your brand for the “win” in an increasingly diverse and complex marketplace.

How can Color & Culture support your marketing strategies?

  • Create statewide and localized outreach efforts to marginalized communities.
  • Keep your team on top of marketplace shifts and prevailing audience perceptions.
  • Implement human-centered design to ensure our solutions are inclusive and innovative.
  • Develop authentic, respectful and powerful language to encourage positive outcomes.
  • Inform your strategic communications plan with the latest and most effective media channels and outreach techniques.
  • Leverage our existing relationships to make meaningful connections with hard-to-reach populations.

On November 1, 2022, the Harrisburg-based firms of Latino Connection and PPO&S merged under the new name of Color & Culture, Inc. This exciting union combines more than 50 years of marketing and advertising experience with transformative energy and innovation to reach the multicultural marketplace.

Color & Culture establishes a new standard for cultural intelligence, powered by vast expertise and dynamic relationships. We are transforming how clients reach Pennsylvania’s fastest growing markets with innovative, community-minded and culturally relevant communications.

Are you ready to make your brand culturally relevant?

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