The full Color & Culture team of 40 members posting on stage at the 3rd Annual Latino Health Summit.

The Color & Culture team posing on stage at the 3rd Annual Latino Health Summit.

Color & Culture is a multicultural, multichannel, full-service, marketing and advertising agency that helps public and private sector clients rethink their marketplace. We’re adept at creating powerful strategies and messaging for a full spectrum of channels so all components work as one to create momentum and results.

But who we are does not stop at marketing. We’re also changemakers, focused on leveling the playing field in all aspects of life for everyone. Our team realizes the full gamut of inequities experienced by our marginalized neighbors that must be addressed — access to quality health care, opportunities for education and employment, and affordable housing to name a few. We take on social challenges by forging nationwide, first-of-their kind initiatives with corporate and nonprofit partnerships, focused on a unified mission of educating, empowering and uplifting underrepresented communities. 

Our Team

Headshot of George Fernandez

George Fernandez

Chief Executive Officer

A respected and influential visionary who possesses both authentic experience and passion for solving complex social issues. A vibrant leader who effectively channels ideas, energy and skill to equip organizations to drive social and economic transformation by celebrating cultural identities.
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Headshot of Mary Oliveira

Mary Oliveira

Chief Operations Officer

A diversely and dynamically experienced business operations professional with a sharp mind for maximizing organizational growth. A confident yet approachable team leader who drives progress through proactive planning, strategic partnerships and business development.

Headshot of Virginia Roth

Virginia “Ginny” Roth

Chief Branding & Strategy Officer

A born leader and skilled listener who is proficient at translating client needs into actionable strategies. An extreme believer in communications that are based on a foundation of research. Ever-vigilant on results monitoring and analysis and keeping executive teams informed every step of the way.

Headshot of Michelle Callanta

Michelle Callanta

Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer

Slayer of complex challenges. Wielder of savvy strategies that integrate engaging messaging and the right media channels. A stickler for staying focused on client objectives. Committed to consistently delivering results that are on time and on budget.

Headshot of Michele Arrasmith

Michele Arrasmith

Executive Assistant
Headshot of Ashleigh Aviles

Ashleigh Aviles

Senior Account Executive
Headshot of Janet Baez

Janet Baez

Brand Ambassador
Headshot of Amber R. Borelli

Amber R. Borelli

Grant Writer
Headshot of Minerva Carchi-Nieves

Minerva Carchi-Nieves

Junior Graphic Designer
Headshot of Carlos Centeno

Carlos Centeno

Associate Creative Director
Headshot of Michelle Connett-Bergstein

Michelle Connett-Bergstein

Senior Graphic Designer
Headshot of Jean Cubilette

Jean Cubilette

Senior Project Manager
Headshot of Cesar Fernandez

Cesar Fernandez

Fleet Manager
Headshot of Ann Gallina

Ann Gallina

Account Manager
Headshot of Travis Good

Travis Good

Media Content Manager
Headshot of Joe Knezic

Joe Knezic

VP Branding and Creative Services
Headshot of Vedsy Lorenzo

Vedsy Lorenzo

Community Outreach Specialist
Headshot of Lupe Matias

Lupe Matias

Team Lead & Project Manager
Headshot of Sean McCormick, PhD

Sean McCormick, PhD

Senior Project Manager
Headshot of Nelson Mena

Nelson Mena

Account Executive
Headshot of Nitza Mercado

Nitza Mercado

Community Health Worker
Headshot of Yndira Mesa

Yndira Mesa

Team Lead & Brand Ambassador
Headshot of Yohanny Moncion

Yohanny Moncion

Project Manager & Brand Ambassador
Headshot of Tracy Pawelsky

Tracy Pawelski

Senior Communications Counsel
Headshot of Nicolas Polanco

Nicolas Polanco

Brand Ambassador
Headshot of Morgan Roddy

Morgan Roddy

Director of Community & Corporate Relations
Headshot of Tracy Rouscher

Tracy Rouscher

Accounting Manager
Headshot of Madeline Esteffany Rodriguez

Madeline Esteffany Rodriguez

Project Manager
Headshot of Madeline Esther Rodriguez

Madeline Esther Rodriguez

Project Manager
Headshot of Leslie Ruiz

Leslie Ruiz

Certified Interpreter & Community Outreach Specialist
Headshot of Keyla Santana

Keyla Santana

Corporate Events & Communications Manager
Headshot of Beth Shanabrough

Beth Shanabrough

Associate Media Coordinator
Headshot of Abigail Sohonage

Abigail Sohonage

Marketing Coordinator
Headshot of Brandie Trostle

Brandie Trostle

Media Coordinator
Headshot of Niurka Valle

Niurka Valle

Translation & Interpretation Services Coordinator
Headshot of Katherine Vargas

Katherine Vargas

Senior Office Manager

Color & Culture Catalysts

Latino Connection has built a solid, statewide reputation for creating dynamic community outreach events and experiences that make a difference in the lives of communities and individuals, often making key inroads to hard-to-reach audiences.

PPO&S brings with it a 43-year, longstanding reputation for developing statewide, research-based marketing communications campaigns that create public awareness of key issues and drive behavior change. Its expertise in media buying and branding strategy are key drivers of each effort’s success.

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