Meeting the Needs of Medicaid- and Medicare-Focused Communities with Cora, Aetna’s Healthy RV


Aetna contracted Color & Culture catalyst Latino Connection to help educate their Medicaid and Medicare members about their benefits and encourage them to advocate for and take control of their health.

Former PA Governor Tom Wolf (pictured 4th from the left) visiting the mobile experiential unit, Cora.

To reach communities, especially those that are underrepresented, we worked with Aetna to develop Cora (derived from corazón, the Spanish word for “heart”), a custom-built mobile experiential unit that allowed the organization to bring the brand experience directly to their audience. With Cora, Aetna could provide free health screenings, workshops and fun, engaging activities, right in their members’ backyards.

Cora’s interior was designed to include four smart high-definition TVs, a dance video game area, a smoothie bar, and a private meeting space. The vehicle was wrapped with Aetna’s branding for maximum exposure. Cora was also equipped with a BioMeasure machine for people to calculate their BMI and body fat percentage at the press of a button.

We built a team to run Cora that consisted of a ServSafe® coordinator to handle the smoothie bar, and Bilingual Community Outreach Specialists trained by the Aetna Community Development Team on the in’s and out’s of Aetna’s products.

For activation, we identified over 100 events to leverage Aetna’s exposure and developed additional marketing assets to promote the initiative. We took care of event registrations, parking and all logistics to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

With Cora, we were able to increase Aetna’s market share in low-income communities across Pennsylvania, ultimately pushing new enrollments to Aetna’s health care platforms and increasing their visibility statewide.

The successes of Cora in Pennsylvania did not go unnoticed! The community activation and local marketing leaders in Sugar Land, Texas wanted to recreate the Cora experience for communities in their state, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. They decided to partner with Latino Connection and the idea was born to develop a mobile unit that was customized for their region that could easily be driven into the neighborhoods, parks, and schools where their members work, live and worship.

Overall, we’ve attained over 82 million impressions with Cora’s visibility while driving on the road and engaged in over 400 events in six states.

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