Recruit Adventurous Girl Scouts and Dedicated Volunteers

Girl Scout and volunteer recruitment campaign


Video ad

Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania (GSHPA) came to us with some Girl Scout and volunteer enrollment voids in pockets throughout its 30-county territory.

Display ad for Girl Scout (left) and volunteer recruitment

To promote the opportunities available, PPO&S created a series of digital ads and two pre-roll videos that help move public perception beyond just cookies, campfires and friendship bracelets. Today’s Girl Scouts are so much more and GSHPA helps nurture and encourage young girls to become big thinkers, groundbreakers and role models. 

Display ads for multiple size constraints

One of the greatest challenges of the project was repurposing existing images and videos into a dynamic series of messages to invite both potential Girl Scouts and volunteers to join an organization that fosters creativity, curiosity and adventure.

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